I think we’ll work well together. You: a small business owner who is passionate about your offerings and ready to take it to the next level. Me: also a small business owner who takes the time to chat with you without the usual jargon, who can work with you to create a website that is professional and eye-catching.

We’ll be a team and it’ll be magical!

intuitive website design


Intuitive Design

This is my soul work and it’s what I love to do. I have a strong connection with the greater energy at play, between us and between you and your offerings.

Understanding this connection allows me to create a website with fluidity and ease.


Professional Build

As well as designing your website, I’ll also build it using WordPress, so I’ll be along for the ride the whole way through the project.

website developer melbourne

A web designer you’ll love to work with

No matter what the dream website you have in mind, we can bring it into reality. And no matter the functionality you require to effectively engage with your ideal clients, we can make it happen. Here’s what’s possible:

  • Contact form,
  • Client estimate form (or any form for that matter),
  • Newsletter opt-in process,
  • Ecommerce (online shop) for physical or downloadable products,
  • Ecourses (online courses) with a membership portal,
  • And much more.

The Website Design Process

A new website design project is exactly that, a project. The bigger picture is your finished website. Many tasks and discussions make up the project to reach the end result, your professional website. Some of the steps we will take together are:

Meeting in person or via skype to discuss your vision and I’ll provide insights on how to make your vision and your online home come alive.
Based on the information I receive from our consultation, plus time spent brainstorming, I’ll design our vision in Photoshop so that you can suggest changes before your website is built. You’ll start composing your website content, with some guidance from me.
Now your website will really start to grow! I’ll build your website using WordPress as its platform, so that you’ll be able to update your website into the future. And don’t worry, it’ll be responsive so that it’ll look beautiful on every device.
Your carefully written content will be added to your website. I like to do this on your behalf at the beginning, so that it’s less daunting for you. You’ll have full access to add, edit and revise your content in the future.
We’ll make the finishing touches to your beautiful website and it will be tested on all major internet browsers and devices. Then it’ll be launched: your unique online home! A toast to us!
We’ll get together for a tutorial, either on Skype or in person, on how you can manage your website. If you don’t have the time or desire to update it yourself, that’s where I can come in and manage it for you. Never fear, I’m always available for support.

you are so worthy of this

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