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I’m Ange, an inspired web designer who loves working with small businesses to take their websites to the next level of amazing. I work intuitively by listening to my clients' needs and communicate with language you can understand. You can view my creations here >

How your website can benefit from engaging website content

It’s pretty important to have a visually pleasing website. Really, we all judge a book by its cover, even though we know there’ll still be gems inside if the cover doesn’t immediately grab us. And we all know we do this with websites too. Surely I’m not the only one who cringes when you land [...]

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The importance of updating WordPress

If you’re one of the 37 million people worldwide who have their website built using WordPress, you’ll know there are a few ongoing costs associated with keeping your website live and functioning to optimum levels. You pay your yearly website hosting invoice, because if you don’t, you know that your beloved online home will cease [...]

5 kickass business decisions I implemented in 2016

It’s getting to that time when taking stock of the year that’s been is kinda a good idea. Thinking about what’s worked wonders for our business and reflecting on what hasn’t is a valuable exercise and one that can help us move forward into the year ahead. For me, the year has been full of [...]

All the things to remember when publishing a blog post

How often do we have our list of tasks for the day and they seem to be insurmountable, that the tasks seem bigger than we first thought? We work for a lengthy period of time only to be nowhere near that satisfying tick of completion. And it surely has a negative effect on our productivity [...]

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Let’s get rid of the website clutter

Clutter. The word holds a bit of negativity and generally arouses the dreaded thought of something along the lines of ‘Oh shit, I need to clean my room!’.  There are indeed times when clutter can become too much for our headspace to handle and from an outsider’s viewpoint, it is often seen as downright chaotic. [...]

Your online community wants to hear from you

I hear it a lot. And the truth is that I sometimes have moments of my own self-destructive ego telling me the same. Chances are we all do from time to time if we’re honest with ourselves. How often have you caught yourself saying things like, “Who wants to hear what I have to say?” [...]

Finding Ease as a Soulpreneur

At the end of 2015, The CoworkCo hosted a planning workshop for the year ahead, with the aim of attracting more of what we want in our lives and our business. To be honest, I’ve always been one to slightly cringe at creating vision boards in the past, but when I’ve worked on them, they [...]

Online Shop Customer Support Tips

“I keep getting an error message.” “Where’s my download?” “My product hasn’t arrived!” Ahh… the joys of running an online shop! With the recent release of my book, Inspired Action, it was inevitable there would be some teething problems and I was prepared. No matter how efficient, organised and on top of our game we [...]

5 reasons to outsource for the health of our business

I see it all the time and I was doing it too up until recently. I’m talking about being an entrepreneur and doing EVERYTHING yourself. From bookkeeping to social media to admin tasks and everything in between, we so often do it all, mainly because we can. We have a good enough grasp on how [...]

Life in Melbourne: A reflective piece

Back in September I started telling friends and clients (many of whom fall into both categories) that I was planning to move to Melbourne. The number one response I got in return was, "I can so see you living there!". Really? I wasn't exactly sure why people who knew me were saying this but it did [...]

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